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SWAG Collective Puff Pass Challenge!


So I was nominated by TwoHighGuys, and decided to nominate Sasha from SilencedHippie!! You are all welcome to participate as well, and I look forward to seeing your entries! This is basically just a big hit challenge, to get the day going on the right foot! 😛

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
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  • im out of Bud!!!! or weed or marijuana or chronic or medicine.. my area we just call it weed or bud since its illegal! :(

  • how do you submit a video?

  • :D

  • rip two high guys tho eh

  • lol your videos are like an Episode of Psych

  • 420 was lit we just smoked all day

  • Guys 4.20 is not so special its 4.20 everyday somewhere in the world. lol idiots

  • that pineapples tho

  • Hey Josh, keep on with these videos man seriously, your vids have helped spread some positivity into my life. It has helped with my brothers recent suicide so seriously keep up the great vids :)

  • Is this the same guy who said Berner wasn't a grower?

  • that's a tiny ass dab tf you mean huge

  • Check out my SloMo HD Bong rips on my channel

  • i'll have a SWAG Puff Pass Challenge video up later !

  • hey man that weeds not real! you smoking tea!! bro thats not cool be legit, weed isnt that dangerous.

  • I have a problem of binge walking Josh's vids when I'm out of weed and then I get sad because he's smoking and I can't

  • Yo josh. Why is your "ask me questions" vid taken down?

  • Thank you for mentioning those who can't smoke with the living vicariously comment. U da man 4 dat one brotha

  • my sister has a pineapple like that

  • when there's a marijuana rehab ad at the bottom of the giant puff

  • got strep throat on 4/20, cant smoke or anything, this sucks