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“Supernatural” – (Strain Review)


Supernatural is an Indica dominant hybrid by @ExoticGenetix that is a cross between (Grape God x The Flav) that tastes like musky sour grapes & smells tropical/fruity almost Dutch Treat! It provides you with a very nice mood-boosting, focused, and creative high that isn’t all too racy, but much more calming & euphoric. Great for those with ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress.

Overall I give this strain a solid [5.9/7]

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  • This is some fire bud ?


  • Lol I lost it at that close up on the last rip. Funny as hell man hahaha

  • where can i get that shirt its dope af

  • "I have to rate this strain pretty high"

    I see what you did there.

  • Weed isnt good for depression at all…

    It just leads to amotivational syndrome.

  • Dude what's the track during the close ups called? I'm digging that beat.

  • smoking grape god <3

  • hahahaha I had to discount double check that beginning, I thought you said a cross between "rape god" LOL.

  • stoners for life Jah bless ?

  • i got the munchies just watching you smoke, ididnt smoke XD

  • wtf does he say in the beg, hi everybody my name would be josh?

  • dude I'm from Seattle too! is there anyway I can meet you abs maybe green up? :)

  • omg the way he zoomed in on his face ???

  • Josh why use the hemp wick it's so annoying why not just put the lighter to the bud?

  • love the reviews dude maybe a dab one nextski??

  • it looks like how you described the taste

  • That first ripped cleared ridiculously fast. Damn. That thing clears nice.

  • what kinda nail does he use?

  • Can you please review Durban Poison? :-)