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Supermax OG Fig Collective Los Angeles – Get ready to spark one up and join Gil as he explores a 16 gram bu(damn that’s a big nug) of SuperMax OG from Fig Collective in Los Angeles, CA.


  • half of what you would be pain for is stem on that nug

  • cuz this video was uploaded about a few months ago


  • This shop doesn't even have this bud right now. Gay…

  • no disrepect but how much you think that thing weighs without that big ass stem!?


  • OMG at 2:30 when he is breaking it up it is so beautiful strings of stickiness as it separates. That's awesome stuff

  • lol 🙂 im somewhat of an expert on cannabis, i wouldn't worry about psychosis it was a lie fabricated by the drug czar and pharmaceutical company's because if it was fully legalized they would stand to loose a fortune, while its true CBD negates the negative effects of high concentrations of THC any negative effects only temporary, THC's half life is around 1.5 hours, well when your consider the fresh plant is 70% water by weight a little bit of water isn't anything to worry about

  • there are tons and tons of beneficial uses of cannabis just for your body so many if fact that in my opinion it could take out the lying health care agency who does nothing about telling us that diet is the reason we get disease and animal protein as the primary source of protein in our lives is killing us. they only seem to want to cut us up or prescribe us dangerous chemicals.

  • the Federal Government of The U.S are the people who did the research to figure out the safe levels, this means that most pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol and and recreational drugs are all unsafe for your brain. not just the known and apparent problems lol. there are unseen ones that only addicts probably figure out for themselves. thanks uncle sam for lying to us all these years about chronic, you bitches. it does not kill brain cells it promotes their growth, kills cancerous cells in tumors.

  • well alot of nug in my area is still at least 8.00 on the moisture scale and very few are at the right amount of cbd and cbn for there to be no psychosis risk, 0.87 % cannibidiols and 0.35% cannabinoids minimum levels deemed to be the start of SAFE levels of cbd and cbn. look up psychoactive properties of drugs then look up the property for cannabis that is properly grown through the natural cycles and cured correctly there is supposed to be 0.00% moisture but after that you keep it air tight.

  • don't be sorry everyone's got to start somewhere, the brown is likely just the leaf dying with mold it will look like a white fuzz and have a distinct smell to it, once you see it you will know what i mean, I'm not from America but dispensary's usually sell cured bud so there's no mold to worry about 🙂

  • if it did not smell then i am probably wrong but it looked like a little precursor to mold indside the bud the brown leafy things in there maybe it is just dried leaf and I am not able to properly spot it maybe i should take a look at the different stages of mold and find out for my self, did not mean to waste anyones time sorry. lol

  • not sure where you where looking it looked fine to me, generally mold is easy to spot, a white fuzzy growth with a nasty smell to it that would be easily noticeable when smelling the bud

  • Cannabis went corporate real quick, the good shit is just for the privileged card holders and these motherfuckers obeying the law like rats. Cracker country gotta get some cheese spread quick.

  • looks a little moldy there gil is was it wet at all?

  • Jinx- The Holy Moly Donut Shop

  • Jinx-Ganja

  • gil,you rock,,,,,ilove the videos,,,, very educating,,,keep up the good work

  • holy mole I'm guessing