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Super Lemon Haze

Sit down with Gil and WilliamBreathes as they review some Super Lemon Haze from The Clinic! Special guest master grower Jay from the clinic!

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  • uncover youre faace you fuck

  • frosty

  • Grove street 4life

  • Joe Razo-he is a columnist for a news publication here in Denver. Anonymity 

  • Kal

    First type of weed I ever smoked. I felt so proud of myself that night xD

  • Forgot to put water in……..thou high motherfucker you 😉

  • i want his job 🙁

  • Wheres the porn? 🙁

  • Super lemon haze is some of the best shit out there. I took two hits from a gravity bong of this stuff, had me high for an entire day. Woke up still a little stoned. Great weed

  • looks really nice

  • i bet u that room reeked like heaven:)

  • I've only had this shit once, but it was some of the best shit i've EVER had. Goddamn it tasted good, and had me fucked up for hours!

  • Deliver to England?

  • manu chao king of bongo or something like that

  • we sir are victims of circumstance

  • interesting post this. we are over in europe and i watched another video with gil and jay in amsterdam where jay was saying he came across some bad strains, and my friends went all snotty saying he dont know shit and amsterdam is the best blah blah …. i always thought he came across as direct and honest when it comes to weed which is a good thing…. and this comment seems to reinforce that he knows what hes talkin about…. ima show this to my friends just to rub it in lol….. peace and pot

  • aahahahahha this song i know gooooooooood 😉 😀

  • i love this strain
    tastes great and smells like lemon peal

  • looks delicious, could be my favorite

  • my favourite part about watching people smoke weed is when their eyes slightly cross from watching their exhaled smoke