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Sunday Morning Dab – Had time to vid a quick dab out of a Toro Macro with a sweet SALT style dome by J Bob (thanks for the help on naming the artist). The concentrate is a tasty Paris OG wax from OC. What are you dabbing or smoking on this fine Sunday morning? Cheers!

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  • Where are these video filmed? Orange county?

  • Fuk Damn 😮 I choke on regular wax tokes

  • WHAT KIND OF NAIL is that my friend..?

  • hash is more dense than a BHO or iso that's why it's more harsh on the lungs.

  • dabbed for the first time yesterday, and my God, one hit had me on my ass for the rest of the day – and i'm a heavy pot smoker. dabbing is definitely the direction i would recommend, clean, tasty, and it does the job that a 1 gram blunt does.

  • Blue kush.

  • thank youu!! jbob needs to do his own thing and not try to imitate a legends work and btw for everyone who has a hard time figuring out whether the dome you're looking at is salt or jbob, well salt doesnt make oil domes!! so there ya go

  • That's doing to much

  • Salt dome

  • Purple haze

  • I HATE U guys, seriously this is my dream to just relax all day own a head-shop with out dodging 12, instead im out here IN College struggling and takin a puff in between classes FUK

  • My friend has a michael bard set that reminds me of this dome

  • Chocolope wax

  • dabbing Blue Goo

  • diggin the dome peice man, and looks like some delicious wax!

  • Irie

  • i swear i saw the eye wink at me! ahaha im on another level ahaha!!!!!!!!

  • thats a sick bowl!!

  • Thats kinda lame, that dome looks EXACTLY like salts slides.

  • it would be cool if the eye turns red