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Street Cred Featuring Dixie Elixirs And Edibles – 2012 High Times Best Edibles Winner – News Oct 18, 2012 – Join Gil as he meets up with the Dixie Elixirs And Edibles crew at the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado. Watch first hand as they take an award for Best Edible and hear from Tripp Keber himself as he discusses the diverse and flavorful product line. From highly concentrated THC drinks, to heavily medicating tasty treats, Dixie Elixirs And Edibles has it all, including their all new Dixie X non-THC hemp-based CBD wellness products.

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Watch Dixie Elixirs and other cup winners take the prize in part three of our 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado full length episode:

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  • its awesome they have (medicated ice cream) xD fuckin awesome

  • Yeah,

    Oil companies are all about helping people….. to get poor.

  • yeah He isnt with the company any more dooood.. and "thats like your opinion maaaann".

  • Please look up the principals in this company. Pay attention to the CRIMINAL allegations and arrests for FRAUD

  • are you serious? real products, real marketing, real profits and you call it a scam? Of course its about money, no business would exist without it. Haters gunna hate.

  • G-A-R-B-A-G-E. Not only inefective for pain, there were 2 instances of extreme constipation. This company is all about money. Please read there website and form your own conclusions if they appear more interested in helping people or the value of the scam, er stock.

  • when is nugporn coming to Michigan?

  • "You company looks… real… it just warms my heart because it… looks… real."

  • Why?


  • not nearly enough dispensarys to do so

  • i'm too

  • he's high as fuck

  • Gils eyes are sittin low in this one! lol


  • They're really missing out on marketing it as "Suck some Dixie".

  • Gil is so stoned

  • holy crap, at 1:45 is Gil on ADHD meds or something? I've never seen him talk so fast!

  • weedmaps canada needs to be made

  • makes me wonder if gil is doing it himself, or outsourcing. ive seen folks get some impressive work from fiverr