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So for 300k subscribers, I thought i’d sit down and answer almost 70 questions, asked by you wonderful people! 😛

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  • Hi Josh! Your videos are so informational! Thank you for that! Why do you always use hemp wick? What are the benefits of using it?

  • do u even get high in youre vids lol

  • hell yah I'm happy u brought up the difference in how people who just take pills to get fucked up and people who actually have chronic pain and will always have it and I have bad back problems but I can't smoke all the time bc of certain reason so I have to take pills and I really don't like them at all…

  • Q&A: Why don't you snap your hits like they do in Australia?

  • Yuuup You listen to Joey Bad ayyy

  • I have pain everyday what would you say are the best strains for fibromyalgia

  • Sucks that weed is illegal back in quebec?

  • josh's little sweet comments on the end always make me so happy

  • Josh, thanks so much for everything you do. I really enjoy your videos and get a lot from them. They help me stay positive and they motitvate me to keep my channel (not weed related…yet) going. ✌️ from Nor Calif

  • Someone needs to make a compilation of Josh doing words good.

  • The only reason they ask if your gay is cause your hot cheers :)

  • First person I smoked with was my sister! One of my homies showed me your channel and it's soo positive It's awesome!! ?

  • 47:28 Subscribe to the video guys

  • Money doesn't buy happiness… Just weed. ?

  • You should do a smoke sesh with your sis

  • The dab thing went right over his head… Or he was joking

  • i love watching concentrate dry

    also, 21:19 IDubbbz reference FTW!

  • Respect bro

  • I've smoked weed twice and had a fair few comes and enhaled but didn't get high, I know I was doing it properly coz I did it with friends that had done it. is it normal not to get high on your first few times?