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2nd Channel – (

May or may not have totally though this was the third one while I was recording it… I guess we’re on 4 already! xD

Hope you guys all enjoy some random question answering! There was some solid ones in this episode! 😛

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  • Dude, you should watch grandmas boy, my favorite stoner movie

  • well i think a big misconception about how high you are and tolerance is that no matter how much weed you have smoked, how high u feel is up to you. i think its all in your head. if you really focus you can be completly high off .3 or barling feeling a whole gram

  • The front bottoms!!!!

  • What video games do you play? Just curious.

  • 8:07 What is CBG, do you mean CBD or is it a different chemical entirely?

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson!!! Awesome. I saw him at the Fox in Detroit.

  • you listening to mac miller is awesome. love the chanel dude!

  • Redband and Tokin Daily were my first stoney youtubers! You're right about the scene changing a lot

  • Also. I name my rigs when I encounter a situation with it. Funny story's usually good names.

  • Yes. NDT is awesome

  • ♥

  • I've been watching for a looong time, I haven't been commenting as much.

  • Should definitely check out Dizzy Wright, hes a stoner + always keeps positive vibes within his bars.

  • Your socially awkward?! Dude you seem so energetic and outgoing!

  • Are you suppose to let the nail cool down for a second?

  • It's like that one baby sitter commercial???

  • what nail do you use

  • review some kk!!!

  • my 3 peeps to smoke with would be: tesla, willie, snoop.

  • where do you work ?