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Every time the channel hits a milestone, I decide to sit down & answer whatever questions you decide to throw at me! 😛 Thank you very much to all who asked & i’m sorry if I couldn’t get to yours in this one!! These take quite a bit of work to make, but they’re some of my absolute favorites as well!!

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  • great video.

  • I think smoking with you would be so fun lol I love watching your videos because you actually drop a lot of knowledge lol cheers

  • Why are there no comments?

  • Josh, you are the best! you always put a smile on my face!

  • There are AAA+ top quality dank on the DNM for 160-220 bucks for an OZ. Today I say an oz for 120 bucks, that shit is cheap and hella quality.

  • ur channels so diffrent to what it used to be great job tho on the come up of it

  • pokeMEN lol

  • every milk addict started out doing heroin

  • living in a non legal state is miserable. theres no way of even knowing the strain your getting. and its overpriced as shit

  • Red Rocks is the best place to see live music. Saw Rebelution there and it was as Josh said a "spiritual experience".

  • do you have old channels? I wanna see your jackass vids xD

  • I'm from Switzerland, if i would ome to washington for the holidays, could i buy weed??

  • i think its a gateway drug because usual teenagers that smoke are hanging around with friends that do other drugs, and since theyre your friends you are more likely to do those drugs. so yes it is a self control thing but when 50% or more of pot smokers know someone who does other drugs and is around them then yes they are more likely to do them and there for it is a gateway drug because u wouldnt be around those harder drugs to even have the choice to try them so easily

  • I have a small question. Those who dab, what liquid do some of you guys use? Because sometimes when I'm watching a few videos I sometimes see like green, red and sometimes blue. What is that?

  • hey josh big fan of ypur videos! You should try the one gram dab again

  • how old is he?

  • Josh, do you refrigerate your oil?

  • How did mountain man do that exactly!?!? Was he on Molly XD

  • You improve my mood with every video I watch. Thanks Josh for being so positive. It definitely looks good on you.

  • you're the best kind of stoner in this world I really like your way of thinking Josh ;)