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So i’ve been getting requests to do a Q&A for several months now! I figured i’d finally sit down and answer about 30 questions that you guys asked me on social media’s & the comments! Hope you all enjoy this extra long question and answer session!!!!

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  • #Josh you should put a video of the difference between fluffy and condense flowers

  • Theres a lot of cannabis related youtubers that live in Washington they should do a huge smoke sesh

  • Ever listen to Of Montreal? I very highly recommend them

  • Word dude haha I used to think it was horrible too. Kinda funny how those kinds of people will tell you it's bad but don't know why

  • I was born in Washington state. I was living in Colorado when it became legal. The weed there that I experienced was dry. I was always saying if they grew this back home where there is more moisture in the air I bet it would be better. Now I currently reside on the Oregon Washington border and totally love the strains that are coming from here.

  • answering questions hight nice josh keep it going

  • great video! just forwarded it off to some friends new to smoking how said their hits were too harsh.

    the only other con to using it is that your lighter gets mega sticky after. residue from the wax I guess. So I stopped wrapping my lighters with it and just bought big spools.


  • Blocking the wind inside. so familiar haha

  • I fell back in my seat when he said 25 + tax

  • love the channel mane

  • why dont you open snapchats haha. I am always smoking along

  • My 4 people to smoke with
    snoop dogg
    all 3 of The Trailer Park Boys

    that would be dope, also check them out, great hilarious show

  • Ccc420 and weed report are some of my favorite OG weedtube channels!!

  • just to think that someone my age is out there making their dream come true. one day I hope to be on this level

  • 4 people to smoke with:
    joe rogan
    the pope

  • Twenty one pilots!!!
    chance the rapper!!!!!
    not going to lie that just made me an even bigger fan
    keep making vids because they are very awsome

  • I can't believe that I read every comment on the video, lol.

  • From being at 25K 5 month ago (on this video) to being at 184K now!

  • u just got a new subscriber buddy! cheers!