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So you’ve all been asking for a Q&A again, so I thought i’d sit down for a couple hours and sesh while answering questions!! 😛

I’ll be doing one of these once a month or so now. Twas’ mad fun!!!


  • Alex jones on jre was a great episode

  • I could use some love !!!!! Lmao ??

  • nuff love bro

  • much love Josh! stay medicated brother,

  • lol. lets get a close up of these tacos. 🙂 cracked me up.

  • Hi

  • I reckon your real name is Gus, you let it slip out once. So you are maybe Aengus, Argus, Fergus, Ghassan, Gustav, Gustave, Gustavo, Octagius, or Tyler……or Josh

  • I better not miss the next time you do one of these! You're a very chill and well spoken dude to hang out with!!!!!

  • Smoking weed with idea: make a pipe out of a big nug and smoke weed with weed

  • Since I heard "mushrooms" and "anxiety" …. I recalled an episode of Dr Oz where they talked about the use of psilocybin to treat anxiety. Of course, it was isolated and under doctor supervision. Unfortunately, I am sure it will be a synthesized version so it can be trademarked by the drug companies so they can charge ridiculous amounts of mone for it.

  • I have snap chatted you like 7 times dude lol and you have actually responded like 3-4 times to my messages / snaps. Your the GOAT Cannabis Youtuber keep up the good work

  • josh i wish you will try some european/african hash.
    the flavor is soo different compared to your medicine

  • Josh is the ones who smokes the pot, and we're the ones who sit behind the screens smoking pot, watching Josh smoke the pot

  • i respect u soo much for your thoughts and for your content, please keep do it.
    here since 2015 🙂

  • awesome! loved it

  • when do you live stream? I want to join a stream sometime.

  • Do you ever think about growing weed i know u rent but i rent also and theres stuff to get rid off smell

  • Im so sorry I missed this LIVE. Love the attitude and positive vibe you put into the channel and this community. Keep the good work, see you soon on Twitch
    Greets from MX!

  • hell mad i've missed this live stream. thanks for StrainCentral and your beard 😀 i've learned so much from your channel so i can enjoy the weed much more now. very educational and entertaining content. cheers Josh!