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Check out ThickAssGlass!! –
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Thank you all for helping me hit 2k subscribers!! If you are interested in winning the glass just make sure to watch the video and follow the contest entry rules! The giveaway will be decided on November 15th. The winners must be 18+


  • Damn dude, I can't believe I've never found your channel before, I love your energy dude you seem so chill n perfect for this kinda channel, just subscribed and ganna watch more videos 

  • Can't tell if he's chubby or skinny…

  • all of your videos are the best bruh. gotta say the pancake dab was the best tho. keep doin what you do man, happy tokin

  • Oh snap its November 15!!!!


  • One more day guys!!! Hoping for that bubbler!! 

  • Hey man i uploaded a video for the contest

  • Hi

  • – my favorite video from you was the 1 gram dab you pulled through like a boss man

  • @StrainCentral

  • Wat up my name is Darin and I live In FL I'm sorry I can't really upload a vid but I love ur channel and you have an funny ametaur commentator type of speaking ahahaha but anyways I was hoping you could pick me for your bub give away, not only because I like it but because I think it's cool that it was owed by 1 of my most common/funny commentators I listen 2 every time they upload a vid 😉 haha no homo- thanks for your time I hope I win!!! If not that's ok jus keep makin vids dude! 

  • My favorite video of yours is the First Person Dab, it's also how I found your channel so cheers to that!

  • What's krackin Josh?!? Hope alls good homie, just letting you know that I uploaded my video entry for the contest on my page. Check it out @ Strain Central Contest Rig Giveaway

  • My favorite video by you was the pancake dab video by far because honestly I was so stoned outta my mind that it changed my high and warped it into a even more intresting high. I don't know why that was but forever that will be my favorite video bro. Keep in doing these videos! Good luck on everything man :)

  • could you please do a review for us? my e-mail address is and I already send you several e-mails but have no reply 

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) My favorite vid is the one where u explain 1st time high I jus think we need more vids like that for ppl who haven't smoked but want to we need to educate the uneducated I love the cannabis plant and all that's derived from it and want to share that love and like u say we're not all jus a bunch of lazy mindless stoners I am a person wit an education a great job and I've been smoking 17 yrs and will continue to I live in kentucky so it is illegal here but it shouldn't b it's jus foolish but I'd love to win this bubbler cuz like I said it's illegal here so there are no head shops I kno of and I only live here for my job I'm originally from Chicago Illinois. . Peace

  • I like the 4 dabs in one because well first of all that is bad ass and second you talked about some awsome stuff i am a big fan and i dont have much glass only a little pipe and i dont have money to get more but it would be rad if u could give it to me cheers :)

  • Hey man check out the video I uploaded for your giveaway on my page 

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) Hey check out my entry, thanks!

  • I entered the contest watch my video