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StrainCentral Clips from Leafly’s Greenhouse!!



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  • you should do a video on all the fan mail you get like what idubbbz does

  • Lol you apparently can't do yoga on a dab mat that was great

  • Honestly this looks like the most professional shit you've done in a while, your subs appreciate it
    Well done josh👍🌿

  • Hey bro , you were all like crying about lack of content then you put this out there – wass up ? 🤐


  • Where's the hemp fest video bro!!!

  • 1 like for intergalactic alien space weed
    1 sub for supersonic transdimensional shatter plasm dab blasterz!

  • due you made a I'm sorry video the other day promising more content well where is it man not hating just wondering

  • I don't know why but I seem to like Josh's older vids, you know when he had braces and in his room, ig because I felt like I was part of the smoke sesh with him, that's why I'm such a big fan of Sasha Silenced Hippie, if he was on a couch with a coffee table is like his vids so much more but it feels like he's a salesman instead of my smoke buddy like Sasha

  • Dude a couple months ago you said you would make a video dabbing with the glass gravity bong and it never came? Or I just didn't see it in which case I'm sorry

  • josh is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo white lol 😉

  • i saw your last video i couldn't comment but i wanted to tell you that needs a lot of guts to say thing are not always ok, so i hope u get along with the hard times in a good way, because that's part of life. and in social media nobody ever wants to say they are not ok, that men gives u realness and also my respect. bless from chile

  • Who is that blonde at 1:01
    I am in love

  • Please more of this and no more reviews of expensive products we aint gunna buy, I get you gotta make money, but really a $420 rosin press, dont think so, much love 🙂

  • Well you justified your sorry your the man happy for you bless you man

  • You going to visit nipton CA when they turn it into a marijuana city?

  • Loved the clip!

  • If you can actually shrink down to the size of a dab mat, I'd imagine it'd be really comfy to step on…and do yoga for that matter lol

  • Josh, recently my brother has been going through a very serious depression and has been struggling hard with anxiety. My family is oblivious to the benefits of cannabis in general and believe prescription drugs are the way to go. It doesn't help that the Doctors are telling them that marijuana is very bad for anxiety and depression and will make it worse.The way that you speak and back up your videos with facts makes me feel like if i had a video explaining exactly the benefits of certain strains maybe or just thc in general in relation to depression and anxiety. It isnt a clinical depression as far as i know meaning it is recent. I would appreciate if maybe you took the time to do this i would get why if you cant. Love your videos thanks

  • Great job