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Strain Showcase: Sunset Sherbet from San Jose Organics – This “Extremely Effective Medication” puts a bead on Gil after he smokes a bowl.

San Jose Organics (SJO)
88 Tully Rd. #100, San Jose, CA 95111


  • People complain about $20 a gram lol people tryna sell this Shit for £50 a gram in the UK (London)that's like $70 for a gram thank God for the Cult right ?

  • If you're not a smoker the way Gil describes the buds,you will for become a smoker lol!

  • Wow sunset sherbert Wow

  • R.I.P to SJO

  • sher-(BAY) right??

  • Had this a few days ago out here in Sacramento and man oh man. Some great bud.

  • Just pick some up today, beautiful flower

  • That look like some heat ?

  • Whats a bead?

  • This strain was $20 a gram last time i went so i never decided to try it just cause that's ridiculous to pay for any weed..

  • I used to smoke that shit all the time when I had my 215 card 55$ an 1/8th though…

  • Y aren't you reviewing any Sactown clubs? 

  • SJO sunset sherbert is ok and doesn't look nearly as good as what he was smoking on.

  • It's alright to be honest

  • Daaaamn, insta-stoned!

  • You forgot too pick up some of that lemon tree Blows the Sherbert out the water

  • Berrys lol . Sherbert suppose to smell and taste like orange ice cream you didn't get the real stuff Gil lol