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Strain Showcase Skywalker OG Eden Therapy Hollywood – News Sept 18 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Eden Therapy Collective
6757 1/2 Santa Monica Boulevard , Hollywood /Los Angeles , CA 90038
Open 10am – 11pm 7 Days A Week
323 463-8937

Checks out one of the classics NugPorn style… Skywalker OG from land of OG… Los Angeles, CA! Grab your favorite piece and get ready to get heavily medicated with Gil.


  • i would not recommenced going out at night with this. you will be high the whole night. Way to strong

  • whats the name of the bong he's using again?

  • Skywalker og kush is good for stress, back pain and just having a good time.
    Interested in Skywalker og kush?? Call/text 408 Six Zero One 0552
    for more info.

  • this strain bomb asf

  • Finally found the song , ( Jinx – Ganja )

  • 1:39 the bud is giving the thumbs up

  • this makes me hungry 

  • I'm growing some Skywalker OG right now, and some Super Lemon Haze. OMG my two favorite strains. I love a good lemon taste and diesel smell.
    Hooked on Ponics,
    Hydro-Ponics that is

  • smokin skywalker og right now while i watch this lmao

  • Haha im also saving the biggest bud till the end!

  • 2/$25…lol but how many grams was that in the container anyone know?

  • OG Skywalker is so fucking fire… The outright Piney, skunky, diesel reek is what attracts me to this bud… Shit is A++

  • Going to this shop tomorrow the homie is gonna shoot a gram of this bomb ass looking Og

  • ha…nice video. i also don't like to break into the big nugs first for some reason

  • well there are many different brands but "ember" or "ember flame less lighter". i think most head shops or dispensaries in the states carry them, i am from Canada and have never seen one in the head shops here. You can order one online aswell.

  • What is that "flameless" lighter called? Been looking for a nice one for a while.

  • T.D

    I want to rub it on my lips…..

  • Obviously it's not him

  • Cheers!!! Respect on that hit!!!

  • You only live once see you tokers and bud smokers on the other side!