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Strain Showcase SFV OG Pink House Featuring Clazina – News Sep 20 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu. Please click Like and Subscribe if you support what we do on this channel.

Pink House – Cherry Street
111 s. Madison st. (#111)
Denver, CO 80209

WeedMapsTV takes the strain showcase segment on the road! Former Ms. High Times Clazina makes her first appearance on WeedMapsTV in quite a while, and this time she is showing off a beautiful Colorado grown SFV OG flower that is available at the Pink House Dispensary locations in Denver, CO!

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Song: Check It
Funeral Kings Mixtape by Jinx
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  • This has a commercial vibe to it, unfortunately…trying to sell us shit…this isnt what weed is about but with legalization coming/spreading; it was inevitable to an extent…

  • Ugly ass bitch it's too bad that weed didn't make you look pretty

  • Fuck Colorado, Legalize in CA NOW

  • Smokeup562

  • im smoking on these meds right now… fucking fiiire. got it grown right here boooy

  • no that is a ignorant statement overgrown . com or whatever did not create every strain known to man geneticists like subcool or ghs are constantly creating new strains and og does stand for ocean grown. Google it.

  • Any landrace strains? Shout out to Gil from swampthing breeder in New Orleans

  • That's sum diddy diddy dank

  • some of the best ive ever seen

  • You love living in Van Nuys? Is that a sick joke? I lived in that shit valley almost my entire life. The valley is mixed, Some nice areas, A lot of shitty run down areas with high crime. Gets hotter then shit and its boring. Plus most of the cannabis being sold at those shops is of poor quality for high prices. That;s why i encourage all to grow our own if you have the means to do so. If you have the means and are still ripping yourself off at clubs then get a clue. LOL

  • was a great site. Claiming that they developed every strain known to man is the most ridiculous, idiotic, and beyond laughable comment i have read in along time, And that says something being that idiotic comments are a dime a dozen. They were a website that had a server based outside of the US. It was shut down from pressure by the US Government. It had info on many strain in their database, But it was user loaded so the reviews were coming from people all around the world. LOL

  • 818 from sfv smoked that shit was bomb

  • dont be mad cause you cant represent cali bro 916 sup!

  • They are not only in Denver they are in springs too with the same quality bud

  • Is that girl from cali by chance?

  • Original genetics now quit arguing

  • OG Kush is not the original strain of Kush. Kush is the original strain, which is said to not exist any longer through its native genes. Also, with the whole name thing, folks wanna say ocean grown, or original. Either one is right, I believe. Original gansta' just came from some tie in with Cypress Hill and some other brothers on the West Coast.

  • nothing there but ngrs and mexicoons.

  • You mean original ngr?

  • When are they going to have videos of people shooting heroin?