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Strain Showcase: Quality Medical Collective’s Fire OG – Gil is back and ready to review another strain. This Fire OG comes from Quality Medical Collective located in Pomona, CA. Relax with a smoke and enjoy the show!


  • Real question am I undeserving for a medical prescription for over medicating ?

  • Fire OG always looks so pretty

  • AHPS in DTLA has some pretty good Fire OG on their menu, check them out!

  • That bubbler is nice! 

  • What is that bubbler on the shelf behind him next to the jar of weed? the flat one.

  • Great seeing the strain reviews back from weed maps and seeing the concreations bubbler back 

  • hahaa lol

  • Variety or Cultivar not "strain" :D

  • What did he light his bowl with when he took the bong rip? I've never see something like that before.

  • Nice.

  • this is like weed college, youre the weed professor.

  • Good Tokes. 

  • Do man I love it keep them coming I miss this so much. Weedmaps thank you also.

  • Weed was dope, mic was fuuuucckkked

  • finally gil put out a good video. satisfy us fans with a good tokin video what this take 20 mins out your day thx bro. how bout a good ol 20+ min smokin sesh for us diehard fans of the youtube community. i know your busy but lets smoke up

  • Why so much editing …

  • Dam Gil. I thought ISIS kidnapped you some shit. Real glad to see you back doing reviews.

  • Bout damn time you came back with another review, but I was just working at a legal pot farm here in WA state and our highest tested strain was almost 29%, and it was their first grow like that lol