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Strain Showcase: OG #15 from PÜR – Will this Michigan grown OG hold up to Gil’s high standards?

(313) 821-4259
16738 East Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48224


  • Gil, flower out of a grinder is harsher because the grinder breaks the bud more finely than any person's hands.
    More finely ground flower produces a denser but harsher smoke (or vapor- you should always use extremely finely ground bud for vapes), but that density and associated harshness is exactly what gets you higher, even if the same amount of material is consumed.
     Both grinder and hands force you to sacrifice some cannabinoids and terpenes, but a grinder is cleaner: hands contaminate the flower with oils and more.

  • Gill has LUNGS, that shit he inhaled was PURE milk lol

  • yup real og should be real sticky congrats to michigan

  • I live in Detroit and we have fire look me up on IG demian6261 u will see

  • Gil really enjoys smokin all kind of strains he a true stoner?????

  • Doesn't Gill sound just like Woody from Toy Story? (Tom hanks vibe)

  • lol mindright is one of the best in detroit

  • who puts wax in their joints?? lol it gets u fuuucked up

  • platinum OG kush all day 😉

  • i love OG kush so many dif strains

  • i live in michigan and have my medical card and ill say that we do have some really high quality weed and concentrates, dabbing is big community in Michigan

  • Michigan is so underlooked. Pur is one of my favorite dispensaries around here, killer flowers and killer concentrates, All the hate is nonsense, Its only what you make it here. 

  • They finally made you use a bong about time

  • I want your job please

  • Big thumbs up for using a piece other than the KC bubbler, your other pieces were starting to look lonely. 

  • Weed maps u should hook me up with one of your lanyards

  • Represent michigan yea man

  • Shave ur butt tickler

  • I really am starting to think dank og's are everywhere but here in SC. We are lightyears behind in the erb game. I cant even believe we are on the ballot for med right now. Thanks Gil, loving these strain reviews man.

  • damn dude, no offense to anybody from Detroit but whenever I hear anything about Detroit or think about it, I think of the 1$ houses for sale, the fact you can look at a screenshot from google earth of Detroit and actually see gunshots going off in the photo… shit like that, not that they have dispensaries, I didn't even know they had medical in Michigan.. especially growing some serious OG too, keep it up! Detroit has too much hate and stereotypes surrounding it.