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Strain Showcase Nature’s Gift Healing Center – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Nature’s Gift Healing Center
1505 1/2 East 20th Street Los Angeles, CA 90011
Mon – Sun 10am to 11pm

Sit back and get ready to enjoy five beautiful flowers from Nature’s Gift Healing Center in Los Angeles, CA.


  • does that mean that people who have or use it illegaly can get greater punishment by the law i would see that coming with the medical marijuana because it would be a controlled medical narcotic now not just an illegal substance what im trying to get at is its not just an illegal substance its more compared to medical drugs now like zanax or codiene

  • And it got put back down to class C again earlier this year!

  • Then why was it downgraded from a class B drug to a class C drug?

  • also could you provide a link? cant seem to find it =/

  • nice bro i hope they do, still though no point in getting anyones hopes up you know what the goverments like..

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  • The guardian wrote a report about how Amsterdam type coffee shops are going to be opened in the UK.

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  • You know it's prime bud when the stem is frosted up. Gotta get me some of this.

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  • ever notice how every strains the same , they all have skunk in the lineage today~

  • Whats the cross on blue orcan?

  • ya because people just light up full nugs………

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