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Strain Showcase – powered by One Stop w/ Herbalizer Vaporizer – Check out Gil and guest host Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugz N Harmony as they showcase this outer space inspired strain Moonrocks from One Stop Deliveries in the Orange County area. In this episode we see them touch the stars using the one and only Herbalizer vaporizer


  • 53%?! I want your job!!! Do you evee lose your jars?! You get so many samples, you ever find one weeks/months later and like "Hey… some OG!!"

  • So can I put my moon rocks in a Gpro herbal vaporizer? 

  • I do like the fact that Gil has guests on the show now…many different type of people.  (I'm a "ONE LOVE" type of black woman so I like every race) anyway I just think the guests have been super boring…or hi as a kite. Like in theory you would have thought that Krayzie Bone would be a perfect guest on this show…have you heard his weed songs? Ok….but he was boring and he was speaking like he just had a root canal like he couldn't open his mouth or didn't have nothing to say. And for Me one of the unlucky people who live in a non legal cannabis state I Live For These Shows. I had never heard of moon rocks til today. Thanks Gil for all the unfortunate people living in the SOUTH with no new hopes of legalization, but who are saving their money to move to the cannabis.

  • Krayzie Bone was reserving his inner thug so hard. I know he must of been like… man gimme this weed so I can get the fuck up outta here mane.

  • Gil…"Weed-Dhucken"

  • What is the strain used to make the Moonrocks?

  • holy sh… looks awesome

  • krazyie bones looked and sounded like he didnt give a fuck

  • Fuk smoking even though i do everyday. I would vaporizer if i could grow enough to vape all day or just grow any at all #changethelawsayingicantgrow


  • Moonrocks are fucking disgusting takes a moron to buy this shit 

  • Moonrocks are nice, its a good mix of crystals and burning material.

  • I thought it was called "Kurupt's Moonrocks". Where's Tha Dogg Pound?

  • Awsome review with a cool artist as always, thank you Gil for always bring a postive vibe and a intreasting guest to the table cheers to you

  • Not so much a "strain review" as two product reviews.

  • I've gotten Moon Rocks from One Stop Shop in Garden Grove they are real strong! Taste just like smoking hash but a lil different but the high is real strong great for sleep and pain relief. And its only 140 for 10 G's at that shop that's a real good deal for Moon Rocks! But be warned they are messy to deal with, your fingers get real sticky from the has oil in the nugs.