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Strain Showcase – Moon Rocks from Star Budz 760 – Medical Marijuana

Gil’s blasting off with Moon Rocks on this episode of the Strain Showcase. Huge shoutout to Star Budz 760 in Victorville, California for providing a stellar jar of celestial boulders, which is Jetfuel OG at its core, wrapped with Star Budz 760 house OG shatter, then rolled in some Girl Scout Cookies kief. It’s an indica throughout.

Check out Star Budz 760’s entire weedmenu on Weedmaps:

These Moon Rocks are created a little differently than other versions. They’ve managed a way to sort of wrap the shatter around the nug using a low temperature instead of using heat to drip it into the flower.

Gil’s nose is hit with a potent OG smell, and when he tries to break up these moon rocks, some kiefy goodness sticks right to his fingers. For this Showcase, Gil’s chooses his Honey Supply Glass bubbler and his trusty N8, Nathan Miers bowl piece. We have lift off as Gil sets fire to the oily, kiefy, bud, giving a very solid OG indica high that has him floating through space. Once landing back down on Earth, Moon Rocks will keep you in a trusty indica couchlock, certain to relax away your pains.

Honey Supply Glass:
Nathan Miers:

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  • i showed my old man who is a stoner this he couldnt believe it hes like man il stick to reggie

  • if you people want to have nice moonrocks make your own, grind your buds lightly first take out all the stems, roll that on some hash oil and not shatter and then some dry kief, you can mix strains in between the 3 things and really make some nice moonrocks, don't use whole nugs and shatter it's harder and more of a waste if you really want to mix shatter flower and kief do it in a joint ps:fuck blunts

  • jerk.

  • bro u look beyond the fucking moon lol

  • bro u look beyond the fucking moon lol

  • is tath rubber weed or wa'

    smells like it !

  • You never know what you're gonna get when you break open a moonrock, he got the good dank tho.

  • Moon rock is a good bud for all day medication pain and mood elevation almost bordering on a Sativa type of effect-good all around workhorse for common situations.
    Interested in Moon rock??? Call/text 408 Six Zero One 0552
    for more info

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