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Strain Showcase – Monster OG from Green Element in Torrance, CA – Medical Marijuana Review

Check out Gil reviewing a nice sample of some Monster OG flower, an OG hybrid from The Green Element dispensary in Torrance, CA! Sent over in a unique container, the OG smell bowls Gil over as he opens it up. Watch on to see what he thinks of the strain!

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The make up of this indica hybrid is somewhat of a mystery, as Gil explains it’s only named parent is SFV OG, the others remain unknown. With SFV in its lineage, Monster OG has a very earthy, diesel, almost “burnt” smell, very specific to the strain.

For a nice bowl, Gil breaks off the tip of a nug and starts to grind it up with his trusty fingers. He pulls out his trusty Zob halo perc bubbler and loads up his serendipity colored N8, Nathan Miers bowl piece and fires up some hempwick for a nice rip of Monster OG. Let us know in the comments section below if you want Gil to take a hit off any one of the other pieces he has on the Strain Showcase table!

After a milky cloud gives Gil a little OG pickup, he gives a final verdict: reminiscent of an OG, with an earthy taste stronger than the smell would indicate. As far as the high, it’s giving Gil an indica type of high. Lab tested data shows conclusively why Gil gets immediately hazy – SC Labs data shows that Monster OG has 26.94% THC and 0.06% CBD! If you’re around the Torrance, South Bay, and Beach Cities areas and are interested in a hard-hitting strain, you won’t be disappointed by Monster OG from The Green Element.

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