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Strain Showcase: Jack Herer Wax from Nature’s Nectar Farms – Gil dabs this super smooth Jack Herer Sativa wax from Northern California using glass from Honey Supply and the D Nail. It’s so tasty Gil goes in for seconds.

Nature’s Nectar Farms
(408) 706-4010
*Deliveries Only* Gilroy, Ca 95020


  • Can I have a job please ,holy shit ur a lucky dude.

  • First time i heard Gil cough

  • Have some of this very shatter right now…. love u nature nectar.

  • I liked this a lot even though Im sort of an off-and-on fan of this particular strain. Some of your best work from the table, I enjoyed the length of the video while I got down on some Grape Chem out of the HiSi triple geyser. Cheers to you down there, Gil!

  • thats top of the line shit

  • Hi Gil, love to see an educational video about the man himself, Jack Herer? Thanks, love your channel. Keep smoking. Cheers

  • you lucky son of a bitch, gets to smoke the best weed and wax in cali. 

  • Is it only me or did it seem he barely inhaled? hold it in a little longer.

  • Drroooool

  • A G

    Piece is kinda weak. What's up with the perc on the bottom? For it to function, you would basically have to overfill the chamber, at which point, you're sucking water into the top chamber… Isn't that Dante's company?

  • Herer rhymes with terror

  • Looks similar to the live resin i just filmed. I want a weed maps key chain. Thumbs up Gil

  • are we gonna see more weed snobs?

  • Sick as dabber ???☁️?☁️

  • NICE!

  • Herer like terror 

  • Damn I am just out of their delivery area 🙁  That looks really nice.

  • Highly Educated nail? Thats the stuff guys – TaskRok is the man when it comes to Ti!

  • Do some southern Cali oc!

  • looks great    cheers