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Strain Showcase – High Druid

Gil breaks into the #1 Indoor Sativa strain from the 2014 Santa Cruz cup, High Druid, courtesy of Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine.

Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine
800 Portola Drive
Del Rey Oaks, CALIFORNIA, 93940
(831) 393-2500 –


  • Sativa and kush are NOT SMELLS you idiot! Stop using terms that don't tell people ANYTHING about the terpine profiles! 

  • Nice, best job in the world 😉

    BTW isn't 0.03% CBD rather low, ? 0.1% is pretty low, 0,03 is 1/30th of a % 😉  Almost pure Sativa

  • Gil used a lighter…… first time I've seen it on weed maps

  • Nice keep it up

  • Nice weedmaps!

  • high druid these nuts. strain name seems very odd. Which flavor did they RENAME? haha!

  • love this keep em goin

  • so if your looking Flavor, pass this by

  • use more pieces of your glass collection!!

  • Seventh!

  • yeah :-)

  • looks frosty to smoke! :P

  • na

  • Where do u buy that light bulb bong from?

  • Very nice looking bud, Gil! 🙂 cheers and stay up

  • First comment!!

  • FIRST!!!!

  • Timothy Stoesz

    Any way to get High Druid in San Diego?