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Strain Showcase – H3 OZONE – Highway Holistic Healing

Gil reviews Highway Holistic Healing’s exclusive strain, H3 Ozone. This indica dominant strain is beautiful as it is powerful containing 27.6% THC.

Check out the awesome menu selection for Highway Holistic Healing here:

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  • weed in florida sucks in general

  • looks nice. i just got my medical card today in az. im disabled so not sure how im gonna afford it yet. but i had to get off the 800.00 the insurance would pay for opiates.. been living off them for years and they are no longer working just making me sick.. so decided last month to see if i could get a card.. 3 weeks later its here today. so hear is to healing and getting off the opiates and living life again. ill worry about how im gonna afford it later i guess on the first im gonna go get what i can to start my healing.. thanks for the review this looks like what in need or something similar for chronic pain and l;ack of sleep ( hell iv not been able to sleep in years ). rock on from az.

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  • These guys are just jackin themselves' off. There are still a lot of states where it's hard to see more than one or two strains at a time.

  • they should really pick a more appealing guy to do this show. it would get way more hits.

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  • Does he get all this weed for free?

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  • What's the best you smoked Gill

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  • Looks super good!!!

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  • Really great video and review! Great buds always stick together!

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