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Strain Showcase: Gorilla Glue #4 from Canna Cruz – This bomb High Times Cannabis Cup winning strain is lab tested with a crazy high THC level. All you need to know: Gil goes in for seconds on this one.

Canna Cruz:


  • BROOOOOO!!! The trices are crrrrazy BROOOOOOOO!!!

  • How or where can I get a clone of this strain

  • had sum yesterday.

  • Best club in Cali

  • a C/Cup is in no way a rep of how the weed is, they've been paid of for results forever, in Amsterdam you can tell the winner almost every year due to the word on the St. up to a week before entry's are even submitted. Im not sue if the GG is as good as the GSC's, my Dog kush has so much fuel going on with the lemon/lime O.G and tested just as high, What im saying is this strain is nothing new

  • Had some legit gorilla glue down south in Alabama and it's by far the best weed I've seen in a while. It was sooooo sticky it was ridiculous. Sooooo loud and tasted sooooo good compared to what I normally get!

  • Gonna pick up some of this strain at Altitude Organic Medicine here in Colorado Springs, CO. I've never had so I'm really excited to try it. Thanks for the review.

  • The goood shit

  • damn nice job you got man

  • Whoa, slow down! Your gorilla fingers are mashing up the delicate trichomes, Gil. Those big-sized bowls used to be called "party bowls" for good reason and when overloaded, they always waste expensive weed. The best gowers don't touch the pampered (up to this point anyway) jewell-like nugs with fingers when they trim it because it breaks the trichome stalk and oxidizes the cannabinoids. Most budtenders don't have a clue or a care about this and mis-handle the nugs, knocking off the tric heads as they go. Get a single hit sized bowl piece for your solo smokage. Use some very small trimming scissors to remove only the amount of flower material that you can take in one good hit. Hold it in for 10 seconds – don't spew it right back out and waste it! (you take too much at once). Then have another perfect sized hit if you like – you won't have to clear the leftover charred "butt hit" that overloading the bowl produces. For the best taste/evaluation, take your time and quit trying to torch a gigantic hit like a hormonal teenager. Good weed is best when every hit is all fresh material – no partially burned charcoal hits. You don't need giant hits for 20+% bud. That's like gulping a fine wine and then puking it right back out.

  • I just wanna say, im from Georgia and a friend of mine with a friend who is diagnosed with severe Loopis was able to score some of his stash which so happened to have Gorilla Glue #4. I was blown away, its like hitting a dab every time you hit the blunt/bong/joint. This is my all time favorite strain!

  • I had some GG #5 in Colorado and I believe it was around 25% THC, maybe 26%. Great looking and smelling, but never really got to smoke much of it. That's a whole different story there… SMH.

  • what is the music used in this video? thanks

  • The glue is some fire eeee

  • nice piece. gorilla glue is sum beautiful looking flowers. the crystals on it r amazing. got mine from an delivery service called a family tree.

  • Heheh I got some of this right now, but in oil form from Seatle Refine. Dabby yabby.

  • that hit at 3:10 was the best hit ever! 32% thc! brand new double 14 arm tree perc!!! and with hemp wick???? too dope!

  • Very Nice Review bro! I love Guerilla Glue #4 A nice No Anxiety Strain. Bubba Kush is one of my favs along with Sour Diesel right now

  • This is the dankest strain you guys have ever showcased.

  • Made me too tired