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Strain Showcase Gil’s SFV OG – Join Gil in the new WeedmapsTV studio for his first strain showcase (SFV OG) in some time. Strain Showcases are officially back!!!

Grow Info:
SFV OG from clones
1000w HPS for flower
Pure Essentials Black Label nutrient line
Flowered through week 10


  • Some fire Gil

  • There is no greater joy than growing your own cannabis and then enjoying it's medicinal effects

  • you never told us what it tested at or did you have this of your own tested????

  • wow did not know this Gil guy had a green thumb for growing nice


  • Looks like shit Gil. But it probably is bomb. Its sfv. But it looks like shit.

  • what is he using to light this?

  • More strain showcase, please!

    Cheers all

  • Daamn bro that looks like some killer Harb man, hope to c u at cannabis cup 

  • Dude I will work for knowledge let me know how that can be possible.

  • Nice to see you back behind the desk ! You Knocked the SFV OG out of the park ! Thanks for all you do !

  • Finaly some reviews! Thanks

  • beautiful Nugs i Love the grow Gil'
     Thumbs up !

  • Glad to see your still at it gil see you again at the 2015 cannabis cup. Peace and pot

  • BoooM the come back !!

    Weedmaps Luv it !

    Gil Luv it !

    Theb best quality show about weed !!!!!!!!

    2de place for my brother Paul>>>>>TokinGLX Because i love this man for his personality ! Cheers Paul and Gil from Paris !

  • Thank You, Gil!

  • sick as bubbler ! 

  • Cheers… its is great to see you back on the strain reviews and videos in general.  Great work Gil

  • Looks lovely man , but at 1.12 , is that a small bit of bud rot in the big bud ??