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Strain Showcase: Fruity Pebbles from Vallejo Organic Center – It’s a fruity bay-area sativa from BAWSCO and available from Vallejo Organic Center.

Vallejo Organic Center (VOC)
(707) 980-6926
618 Lemon St., Vallejo, CA 94590


  • What Happened to Vallejo Organic Center?? I can't seem to Find any of There Cannabis or Concentrates anywhere…

  • The production quality of your vids is great.


  • I've had fruity pebbles flower and it was mediocre at best.

  • I live in vallejo and didn't know about this? What?

  • Swing on thru. We got tons of clubs and they ain't going any where

  • Doesn't Gill sound just like Woody from Toy Story? (Tom hanks vibe)

  • Y no  THC OR CBD percentage!!;) 

  • DABS NO BUENO,why? cuz theses punks use outdoor bud,make your own , for security reasons . all concertrates should be $5 A GRAM BUT GREED AND POVERTY MAKES DABS $50 a gram bullshit

  • I live in Vallejo. You might not be able to buy weed there anymore.

  • do more dab reviews , i want to learn more !

  • He was rocked at the end lol

  • Love the melt shotz

  • 707 ?

  • Id take that shit back if i found a dispensary selling unfiltered hash.  The whole point of concentrate is so i dont have to smoke the fucking plant.  

    If you can see leaves and hairs, the producer is a bathtub level HACK

  • +707killaBHO Grab some of this man !!!

  • BAWSCO has some decent drops, this obviously is the $60+ per G stuff.

  • You gotta love those strain names that give you the munchies before you smoke it :)

  • I think you need a Spanish young boy who help you so… here I am