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Strain Showcase – Emperor OG Shatter – Cali Kush Farms – The Kind Center – Medical Marijuana Review

It’s time for a delicious dab review. Gil invites Adeel from Cali Kush Farms to sample Emperor OG shatter, the strain that recently took home second prize for Indica Concentrate at the HIGH Times Cannabis World Cup in Negril, Jamaica.

This Emperor OG has been in the Cali Kush Farms genetic line since 1992 and they’ve allowed Unregistered Extracts to work their processing magic to create an exceptional concentrate. This bright yellow masterpiece has a hint of sour helps add to the robust and powerful terpene profile. It’s such a terpy concentrate that even the Weedmaps TV camera operator was getting a nose full of perfect kushy OG goodness. Gil is thoroughly impressed to say the least.

Adeel doesn’t just win Gil over with his slab of Emperor OG, he also dazzles our Strain Showcase host with some epic glass rigs from Mothership Glass. The Klein is a beautiful specimen, the details of this rig are all top level from a polished craftsman with a ton of vibrant color to sweeten the prize.
Gil and Adeel fire up with quartz because according to Adeel it’s the one material that really captures the terps the way he wants to enjoy them. Adeel also prefers to wait exactly 45 seconds after firing his quartz in order dab at the optimal temperature. Adeel’s goal with Emperor OG is a terpene powerhouse, a strain that pairs insanely high THC with an equally developed terpene profile for a best of both worlds experience.

You can grab your dabs of Emperor OG at The Kind Center in Van Nuys, CA. Check out their entire menu by visiting

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