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Strain Showcase: Chiquita Banana from Canna Cruz – It’s a Strain Showcase first as Gil reviews this potent live resin that’s been tested for Terpenes—the organic compounds that define much of the aroma and flavor of Cannabis.

Canna Cruz:


  • Рад за вас ребята , я к сожалению живу в России (( нам ничего не можно ))))

  • I want to try and vape live resin and making coconut oil with it would be so bomb.

  • you have the best job ever, please hire me.

  • I remember when being the guy who could make a good pipe out of a coke can or bottle meant something… now look at the shit people use to hit that shit!

  • Are sugar trim, live resin, nug run, shatter all the same thing? What are the differences????

  • I smell copyright infringement.


  • 4% terps? My shatter tested out at 7.5 %, someTingWongHere

  • Smoking on some right now. And the skunk berry, L.S.D!

  • Gill Have u heard of the sublimator if not look it up its better then Any e nail, maybe do a product review…

  • Nice rip man.

  • ive been hearing a lot about live resin looks super nights

  • Love these vids. Make more! ;)

  • yes pleez! santa cruz road trip comin' up!!!

  • I know this channel is basically for free advertising but I still think it'd be better off edit free

  • Chiquita Banana, Chiquita Banana, obama. 

  • lol… these commenters think they are weed scientists.