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New Age Canna
9758 Chapman Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92841
714-539-KUSH (5874)

The Cannatonic strain has gained quite a large fan club in Medical Marijuana “scene” for it’s particularly high CBD properties and lack of THC. Gil has the chance to spend a moment with New Age Canna’s very pretty version of this flower that is steadily gaining momentum in popularity.

Song: Chalice Load


  • i cant stand people who are such pussies they wont use a lighter

  • Smoking cannatonic as I'm watching this

  • the real name of this strain is "juanita la lagrimosa" and this plant is made by reggae seeds

  • if its a muscular shoulder issue after medicating  try to stretch an massage your shoulder 

  • Funny, we had it here in Vegas under the name Fuck Cancer – I watched this and noticed it looked the same, smelled the same as was described and one of the most notable things about it, is that when you exhale it tastes "spicy" no joke

  • knows out to rip them

  • I've had this strain several times now and it's one that I keep on hand at all times, I have MS and all I can say is that this strain relieves severe muscle spasms and joint swelling(cramping) in seconds! It's one of maybe 3 or 4 that are fantastic if your really unwell with your mechanics ie: muscles,joints:), tendons etc. I like to mix the high CBC weed with B.C. Big Bud for a really nice 4- hour tour of happiness.

  • That bud looks shit to be honest. No calyx swell at all.

  • Thats a fucking sample.

  • This episode i seen Gil do two things he never dose,..First he incorperated a physical injury with his medication (shoulder bruise)….and Second, while he was fucking stoned trying to talk he burped,..he was stunned too……GIL FUCKING ROCKS !

  • "quite a nice sample" *WHOLE FUCKING JAR*

  • A great strain, haven't had a seizure since I've been using it.

  • your a fucking dumb shit gill peace.

  • New ages hash and wax are good. But flowers suck they don't know what there doing on that end.

  • Sc labs testing

  • how do u tell if the strain is high in cbd or thc?

  • if Mr. clean was a stoner you'd be him.

  • Come to AZ

  • this is one killer bong! :O JELOUS!