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Strain Showcase: Blue Bird Delivery’s Gorilla Glue – Gil is back in the Strain Showcase studio with another strain to review. This Gorilla Glue comes from Blue Bird Delivery in South Orange County. Relax with a smoke and enjoy the show!


  • he'll ha

  • Gil…. fucking awesome guy and job !!

  • What kinda effects does it have on a fuckin gorilla

  • strain reviews are corny as fuk. herb is herb. grow up

  • I got some gorilla glue today from AHPS in DTLA really nice flower??

  • Need mr ed og kush and wilber og kush to neigh like a horsie! Lol jk jfa

  • I wonder why all guys that use weed wear beards or goatees that make them look like freakos, and if they are women then they look like crazy bitches almost always.

  • My Favor

  • Not to mention you have different phenos which will all smell and taste different.

  • You people are fucking dumb of course Gorilla Glue is gonna have an og smell to it just look at it genetics.  It has chem and sour diesel in its genetics, Chemdawg gave birth to og kush.  Chem also smells like lemon pinesol which gave the smell to og.  So don't you think the smell would pass on to Gorilla Glue.

  • I grow GG#4..That IS NOT GG#4, sorry to disappoint.  Looks NOTHING like GG#4..AND, GG#4 Does NOT smell like OG

  • Hahahaha dude how much did this assclown from blue bird pay Gil for this wack as review

  • I'd like to know where to get the electric lighter he's using.  I've been told to check the internet as it isn't available anywhere in town.  I have no idea what it's called to google it.  Anyone have any suggestions?

  • its probably not gorilla glue it looks like og, im smoking gorilla glue right now and it has way more of a sour taste and smell being that it descends from sour dubb, chemsis, and chocolate diesel , (two diesel strains)

  • Gorilla Glue #4 (Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel)

  • Why would anyone hate on Gil?  Assholes.

  • Meu sonho é fumar essa Ganja!!! Mais aki só tem bosta de vaca :'( 

  • High life