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Strain Showcase: Blue Bird Delivery’s Critical Jack Shatter – Check it out as Gil gets up close and personal with Blue Bird Delivery’s Critical Jack Shatter!

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*Deliveries Only* Orange County, CA
1 (888) 623-6045


  • I just nutted… That slab is gorgeous!

  • I just nutted… That slab is gorgeous!

  • Call 313 469 2972 for delivery

  • I got a half of a half quarter of some of it a month ago. It was my first time purchasing and smoking all the dabs in 2 days. I got so hi. Not a parnoid high at all. It mad me laugh, giggle,feel good for the first time in my whole life. I've suffered from depression, anxiety, and so much more my whole life and now to have this that actually works for me cause I got picked up some more and it is sooooo good. I've had some other dabs before, not to many but this by far is the best for me! I'm so happy and I love living in Denver,Colorado! I smoke it everyday now and I don't take any of my anti-antidepressants or anti anxiety meds anymore. I only smoke my Critical Jack Wax. Thank you Critical Jack and Colorado! I'm so happy I moved here 5yrs ago and weed is legal and the snowboarding and skiing is amazing here. Love doing dabs on the ski lifts, it gives you time to think where the next slope i'm going to ski down.

  • what a slab!

  • Damn I would've taken such a glob from that slab, I see you having fun there Gil

  • How much u think that's worth? 

  • Däääääm sun!   How mouch that worth?  I could be a millinare of that one in Sweden!   =D

  • I would love to be in gils shoes , lucky ass motherfucker

  • Boss

  • SO CAL DABBERS…… SO CAL DABBERS… lol Blue Bird ain't shit without them… swear by these guys

  • @weedmaps Fullmelt bubble is better!!!

  • lmao if they gave you that whole slab……

  • it is like.. boom!

    man I envy your job. if I had a job like this I would be in heaven

  • Holy shatter slab batman!

  • I've actually sampled critical jack flowers not the concentrate but I'm guessing its bangin

  • what's the beat that comes in at 2.20?

  • And the terps? I'm sure a lot was lost with all that purging 

  • Shatter!