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Strain Showcase – Ancient OG

Watch as Gil discovers this Ancient OG strain courtesy of KindPeoples in Santa Cruz County.

3600 Soquel Ave,
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
831-471-8562 –


  • i see now that Ancient og definitely seems like more of a sativa, very cerebral and a bit racy…very unique high but not among my favorites…

  • Brussel sprouts..

  • why do you use a wick instead of a lighter? i'm always concerned about inhaling so much butane or whatever, is that why?

    also i wonder why everyone else categorizes Ancient OG as an indica….i'm about to order some nonetheless

  • "27.88 it's getting pretty high, while I'm getting high." Lol

  • He is next mission .

  • Organically grown sounds interesting. I wonder what kind of regulations they have…
    And thank you very much for those close-ups.

  • Gil you need to come visit us in Michigan this year. We need some celebrities to get this ball rolling. Our Cannabis cup is on Aug22 -23 this year. I hope you can attend. I would be honored to meet and blaze wit ya.

  • 27% THC is crazy

  • That stuff looks bomb I wish I could have some of it growing in my garden

  • First time hearing of that strain, but I don't check dispensary menus anymore since I grow my own. Definitely going to have to keep an eye out for some clones, and or beans on that. Those buds look wild. Has the OG kush structure to the flower,,Kinda reminds me of bear OG….but this ancient OG is frosted the The White.

  • There are so many more strains in California to showcase. But the OG gets a lot Of attention because it is huge right now in southern cali. Every dispensary has some kind of OG. Personally my top strains are tahoe OG. Real deal bay cookies. And galactic Jack

  • too many OG strains out there nowadays.

  • HAHAHAHA they had to make a quick redemption video after pulling that soulja boy shit
    have LIL B review the next strain, at least it'll be funny

  • I believe that's some loud ?

  • Now THIS is some top shelf.

  • Soooo glad it's not Solja "fuck"boi

  • You gonna pass that, or what…

  • You didn't mention the strain origin.  I like to know who the parents were…
    Looks NICE.