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Strain Showcase – 925 from the Weedidit Association – Medical Marijuana Review

Come smoke with us as Gil sits down for a Strain Showcase, with 925, a strain crossed with Cookies and an unknown strain, from Weedidit Association in Antioch, CA. For you life long Weedmaps fans, stick around until the end of this review for a special opportunity!

From Northern California, 925, an area code in the Bay Area, always provides very kushy genetics. As Gil opens up the sample sent in by the Weedidit Association, earthy tones waft around the Weedmaps Studio.

This 925 strain is Cookies (OG Kush x Durban Poison) crossed with an unknown strain, with the original genetics hailing from MT Genetic’s Collective, are small dense knobby nugs that are covered with frosty trichomes.

The strain took Weedidit 2 years to develop and Gil certainly agrees after taking a toke that it was worth the time spent. After Gil lets the bong rip, from his sweet Honey Supply Glass inline tube, settle in on his palate and brain, we delve into the high testing results from SC Labs for the 925 strain – registering 26.50% THC, 0.51% CBD, and 0.10% CBN – all relatively high percentages for tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and cannabinol. So you’ll get a nice couchlock with a rip of this nice NorCal area indica.

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  • Ide rather just take your job! Good herb, SHIT review.

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  • 27 year old Vet*

  • My name is Roman, I'm a 17 year old Iraq Veteran. I have no health insurance and the Government has pretty much given me the middle finger since I got out. This is the only medicine I have used since my run in with the VA and it's the only thing that helps with the many things I struggle with everyday. Things like loss of appetite, PTSD, Insomnia, and pain of many kinds. I live in Missouri and it's a very conservative state so I don't see legality changing anytime soon. I know alot about many different strains and what they can be good for. I'm very creative and can paint a good picture of what my senses are enjoying. It would be so amazing and an opportunity of a life time if you chose me. I would be forever greatful! thanks Gill! HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU OR YOUR TEAM!

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  • My name is jasha. I would love to be apart of your team. I just got out the Air Force and I've always wanted to get into the industry but I never knew how to get my foot thru the door. As I was watching this video the end spoke to me and I knew this could be the right opportunity!

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  • Its my dream to be working in the medical industry. Cannabis, the plant, the flower, the culture is my passion. I hope to one day create award winning cannabis & extracts. Unfortunately I live in NY where cannabis is very much still illegal and low quality. Watching your videos gives people living here hope that one day NY will see the exquisite cannabis and culture that the west has seen. Ik I don't qualify for the show but someday I hope it is my cannabis your sampling in your strain reviews.

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