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Strain Showcase 24K Nitro Gold Wax – Jolly Farms Delivery – News Oct 27, 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listings for current hours and menu.

Jolly Farms Delivery
Mon – Sun 10am to 10pm

Huntington Beach

Coto De Caza

Laguna Beach


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PTR – The Mile High Soapy Smith


  • Word! It looks yummaaayy!

  • I'm im a patient of jolly farm its awesome try it out guys in the oc wax dank cheep strong buds!

  • At least straight that picture behind you, fool.

  • 113%GOOD

  • thats not even high try 91.5 🙂

  • Actually, yes, lol in one year I will be graduating in AB chem. moisture doesn't create bubbles. It's seems like you know more then me on the subject though so keep doing what you're doing I hope you have good medical coverage

  • Wes

    That consistency can also be caused by excess moisture(in the form of water) in a normal BHO extraction. This one was made with NITROGEN. Therefore a different solvent. But could you please tell me where your knowledge and experience come from? Unless you're an organic chemist with a background in testing plant extracts I doubt you can say for sure that the lab test was wrong. Besides what would the point be of falsifying test results on a medicine? To sum it up, you sound like an idiot.

  • Have fun with your ignorance and lack of understanding wtf lab testing even exists for dipshit.

  • ChangoTCL you obviously haven't made much oil if you think that test is accurate and the final product looks like this have fun with your future lung issues. Peace.

  • Oh yes a medical pharmaceutical level of testing standard that costs thousands of dollars PROVING no residual solvents is not correct but your PLENTY OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE DOES. GTFO of town.

  • There are $120/gram Bhombline shatters and shit like the Big Meech and IMO *NONE* of them compare to Nitro, its only $50 a g too!

  • Best extract I've ever had in my life. So glad I live within 10 minutes of their delivery route.

  • This song fukin suxxx dikkkkk

  • damn, i have got to get on this extract train. never tried any of them and from the looks of the buzz caught off that dabber, i need to catch up.

  • Haha all blitz!

  • lol gill got ripped

  • i love jolly farms dem niggas hook it up all da time

  • So what do all the people who say all budder is dirty have to say about this video? We're ya'll even paying attention, or did you turn on your selective hearing lol? Not as many "If it don't shatter it don't matter" comments after seeing that zero impurities label huh?

  • As a medical user in Colorado I would love to ne your colorado correspondent I smoke 2 and half oz's a month plus wax and hash and edibles I have a strong tolerence for weed so if I get lifted you know it was some good bud/hash/wax