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Strain Review The Rapture Wax from OC Farmacy in Anaheim – News Feb 7, 2013 – Check our WeedMaps listing for our current hours and menu. Please like and favorite this video if you dig what we’re doing…!

OC Farmacy
3128 W. Lincoln Ave
Anaheim, CA 92801

The Rapture tests at nearly 90% THC and Gil gets a chance to take a test drive of this high powered concentrate from Orange County, CA…


  • @hstone39 its butane extracted hash just a new way of separating the trichomes from the plant material.People have been extracting trichomes with water to make hash for a long time,wax and the making of it is just a new method to get higher percentages of thc and cbd i personally prefer flowers to this day but its not crack head shit or cia inveted you fucking panzie

  • This is some crack head shit. Stick with Weed because this new drug looks like a new CIA invented drug. That's the thing about drug addicts, they don't care about which drug they are getting high on. You go anything beyond weed, you are an official crack head.

  • Its a blonde budder is what it looks like or whipped hash

  • My dream job 🙂 THC tester

  • I will smoke with this man, i will!

  • *It's

  • how do you get away with smoking it if you're not a patient?

  • The Rapture is still an all time best seller from us please visit our new delivery website.

  • Its Youtube. Who the fuck cares about spelling XD

  • No. It's the words Farm and Pharmacy mixed together. Plus names of things don't have to be proper words. Your off to tell Toys 'R' Us that their name is spelt wrong? Idiot.

  • he tried to describe "blonde" for like a minute

  • Well the employees also say they "volunteer" when they are really being paid under the table and avoiding tax deductions.

  • Look's good. I'd like to get to know it if I could. Peace N POT!

  • Farmacy with a F??? so is the word Fizix correct and not spelled Physics anymore?

  • Grew up in San Deigo, Moved to Omaha Nebraska. The weakest town to get KB EVER!

  • Bates worm all the way that's my daily driver it's soooo dirty

  • where u at? AZ?

  • Weed sucks to me I like syrup and perks but I love how it looks but the high trips me out

  • do you know how sad this makes me? I cant go to a store a select any strain I want.. I have to pay 60 an eigth for some weak shittt.

  • Gil, you are fuckin cool man. I love blazing concentrates while you review bad ass strains of exotic oils and flowers. Cheers buddy!