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Strain Review Stardawg Guava The Clinic – News Nov 24, 2012 – Check our WeedMaps listing for our current hours and menu. Please like this video if you dig what we’re doing…!

The Clinic Highlands
3460 w. 32nd ave
Denver, Co 80211
(303) 997-7130

What better time than a Holiday weekend to check out a Cannabis Cup winning strain called Stardawg Guava from The Clinic of CO.


  • I think it's a indica dominate hybrid

  • jmw

    I called ahead of time at The Clinic to get a price on an ounce, I was quoted one price and then when I showed up they charged me a different price. I voiced my frustration and then when I was walking out the guy I had talked to on the phone blocked the exit preventing me from leaving and proceeded to argue with me about what he had told me on the phone. He had his chest puffed up and was acting very alpha aggressive, all I wanted to do was leave but he was blocking the exit. The situation came very close to turning violent as I desperately wanted out. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

  • One of these sites needs to call out which dispensaries support Stoners against legalization. Those fucker want to keep bud illegal so they don't potentially lose business,

  • Holding it in does nothing to boost the high, but passing it through your lungs again might.

  • If I made one of these it would just be me saying "i wish you had some so you could smell it and know how good it is"

  • What are you using to hit that bowl ?? Or can somebody help

  • I love this strain. From the research I've done however it is an Indica heavy hybrid Chem dawg4 and Tres Dawg which are both Indica dominant. There is a touch of Sativa. It iix deliscious and rocks me every time!

  • introsong? 🙂

  • his eyes were lower than before he smoked. lol. he lied.

  • heard he actually caught leukemia and is in very serious condition after taking that hit.

  • dude you have to expand your vocabulary

  • How can you get one of those embers that you use for lighting in this video?

  • hahahhaa. fuck weed that makes your heart race like a ticking timebomb. Indica all the way

  • It's lifting up and pushing down. Totally blazed when he tried to explain that haha

  • Actually he got a Youtube partnership,an own website and get money for adverds.You are right people can't really live from that but it's a great and fun hobby.

  • I don't think he gets paid for this. He's just making enjoyable vids

  • did anyone else notice that they have "420" videos??

  • I love how he says he has an idea of what it should smell like and then admits that he was wrong instead of just saying "Ya I knew it." and lying about it. Seems like a cool ass dude.

  • Fuck

  • Hey chuck, how tall are you?