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Strain Review: Da Kine C4 Taffy Collaboration with Oasis Gardens

Strain Review: Da Kine C4 Taffy
Strain Review: Da Kine C4 Taffy

We got to try another fantastic extract from Da Kine Extracts. This time we got to try out their C4 Taffy made in collaboration with Oasis Gardens farm.

Here are the numbers: 66% THC, 1% CBD, 0.7% CBC, 0.2% CBG & 0.4% CBN. Once again they offer us a full spectrum dab…….and to make sure the Entourage Effect is in full effect here this comes in with a whopping 8.41% terpenes!

Strain Review: Da Kine C4 Taffy

Da Kine Extracts made this taffy together with Oasis Gardens in Oregon and it came out fantastic! Super golden, stretches just like taffy, and provides a fantastic damn high!

Right from the start the high made us chatty and spacey, so conversations were’t 100% lol! We didn’t get much done after we did a few dabs of this wonderful extract.

This taffy is out of this damn world with grapefruit flavor! Coming in at a whopping 8.54% terpenes, this just smacks you in the face with all that taste! I don’t like grapefruit and this flavor was so on point that I didn’t like the taste at all. Not a bad thing by any means, just my preference on flavors.

The terpene profile combines well with a grapefruit drink or cider too!

Da Kine Extracts provides us with a real treat with this C4 Taffy!  The grapefruit flavor is strong and the spacey high was very nice! This passes the test for sure and receives the PNWCR Badge of Approval easily! Curl up with this strain and set in for a stoney night! Click here to see where to find this and other awesome strains today!

Strain Review: Da Kine C4 Taffy













  • Fantastic flavor
  • Great clarity
  • Spacey high


  • A bit expensive
  • Not stable at room temperatures
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