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Strain Review Bubba Mandarin A Greener Today Seattle Washington – News Nov 15, 2012 – Check our WeedMaps listing for our current hours and menu.

A Greener Today
9509 Rainier ave s.
Seattle, Wa 98118

Grab em if you got em and join Gil as he has the chance to check out some beautiful Medical Cannabis from the Seattle, WA area.


  • Damn, that hit was seriously gigantic.´╗┐

  • that purple mandarin is beautiful´╗┐

  • fuck these goddamn blowtorches id rather use a fucking bic

  • Oh shit nvm, Either this dude used Jackie Chains beat or jackie chain used his beat. But i know the beat from Rollin by Jackie Chain

  • Rollin by Jackie Chain ft. Kid Cudi

  • Gill man whats the name of tge song??

  • Whats the song???????

  • i hate when someone replies to something and then you go to check what the other person said and it just says to many dislikes and it was removed…..

  • Hehe. You called the shit, poop.

  • read all of my comments in this video and you will understand why I lost all respect for stoners. I have researched weed completely, no need to call me ignorant justbecause u all cannt read my comment correctly. idiots

  • no fuck dumb ignorant piece of poop, did you not read my entire comment? I said I know it can be used for medical purposes, but that most the people in Colorado and cali with med. cards use it recreationally instead of a medication, because it's so widely available and how easily its prescribed there, so you all should stop calling it medicating. and if you claim that you need it for insomnia or appetite, you are a fucking pussy and need to man up because you can live w/o it.

  • Yeah, nigga, what a horrible way of referencing to smoking isn't it? Find something else to complain about and do some research before you make accusations like that you ignorant dumbass

  • Gil i wish i could hang out with you

  • its called the embur

  • thats not right

  • That is Shinaynay! 0:27
    Great dispensary love that place

  • hey i happen to go to seattle all the time and i keep getting turned away because i have asthma and no places are cheap to get a fucking green card! why should i pay $150? even tho i am deaf? come on

  • Gilly b high as fak

  • If you're using it to get "stoned" every time you smoke it. Then you're doing it all wrong my friend.

  • Ya thats top shelf , every Bubba strain I've smoked was pretty good