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Strain Review AMF OG Blue Planet Van Nuys – News Apr 8, 2013 – Check our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu. Please like and comment this video if you enjoy the view and support Cannabis culture worldwide!

Blue Planet
7301 Sepulveda Blvd Suite #2
Van Nuys, CA 91405
(818) 782-3949

AMF OG… better known as Adios Mother Fucker OG is one of those beautiful OG flowers that makes you want to find the nearest smoking utensil. That’s exactly what Gil does in this latest strain review video for WeedMapsTV!

*EDIT* AMF OG stands for Adios MotherFucker OG…!


  • +nugporn What is the name of the hookah video?

  • Yo check it. I have been consuming herb since I was 7yrs old. Never have smoked anything that made me breath
    Better then ever! Blue Dream strain is truly the best meds from southern Cali this side of Asterdam Babyboy!!!! Please take note everyone who is looking for TOP shelf service, TOP shelf MEDS, even TOP shelf Deals. Do your body a favor by visting my hommie slice B~REAL the true doctor of So Cali life green meds.. Remember to tell Dr B~Real at the 1 and only

  • Amf= adios mother fucker, it's also a mixed drink

  • That right there is Adios Mother Fucker OG yeah i know right! 

  • AMF OG – adios mother F*&%er OG ?

  • I recommend people to try the AMF,this is the best show case out of all you will not regretted its worth driving far.

  • one of my favorite review vids…cheers

  • I'm smoking this from Blue Planet right now!

  • Wow this guy takes gigantic rips like me and actually hold in his hits…….:-P .

  • no..

  • This guy has the best job ever!

  • I'm not saying i dont enjoy seeing all your glass but looking at your cluttered desk does a number to my ocd

  • amf stands for adios mother fucker , cuz you know it comes from the valley where theres a bunch of mexicans

  • Gil has the greatest job in the world.

  • AMF Stands For "Adios Mother Fucker"

  • what settings do you use for the GO PRO

  • Cheers to my fellow smokers.

  • haha weed