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STRAIN MAIL! – (Episode 4)


MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409

The art this community can produce, ALWAYS blows me away! Thank you all so much for another great mail episode! 😛

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  • I hope I wasn't the only one that noticed he missed the UK package being from overseas….

  • Poor uk guy

  • I got caught with weed and am grounded for the whole summer now, I sneak out everynight and walk across town to smoke lol.

  • HAPPY 420

  • I sent in the pineapple letter opener, though I live in the UK it was sent from a company in the US. I suppose Josh is technically right, but I love the comments ? Peace X

  • i cant wait to see the wall of art!

  • The 6 and the 6s are the same size, unless you have a 6s PLUS.

  • ????

  • I love how you quiet the audio when you cough?

  • josh a thing that may help your stomach is eating vegan try it all raw vegetables or fruit

  • those bubbler dont fit 18mm females? cant dab out of them?

  • Film your strain mail vids against the strain mail wall… Makes sense?

  • You should have used your Ali baba letter opener!

  • Rip the guy in the U.K.

  • Josh do a video on the endocannabiniod system!!

  • Looks like it's time to make the StrainCentral logo a pineapple (with a pot leaf for the leaves on top)

  • "so I know some of you guys can do some really nice graffiti" so in other words whoever graff letter her got was toy as fuck lol, it was toy tho (the one from NY I think)

  • the one from Germany isn't' the first from overseas..he just opened the letter opener from Kent, UK!!

  • like Christmas

  • United Kingdom … aka England IS over seas lol … Black Cherry Soda factored in … its all good Josh … Keep up the videos.