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STRAIN MAIL! – (Episode 13)


Another episode of strain mail filled with awesome artwork and odd gifts!!!

Also, glitter bombs are actually the worst! xD

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • You're videos are the best and I love how inspiring and motivational you are ! Keep it up dude !

  • What size are you?? For shirts

  • Lmao the spicy boi cover was funny af

  • You should roll a glitter joint??

  • Okay, Josh… You look into the letter, see that it's glitter, and proceed to dump it onto the table. xD You glitter-bombed yourself.

  • Hey josh! Expect some glass pieces soon!

  • would buy a Strain Central Poster 100%!!

  • the video was 14:20 long. Drop the one?

  • the video was 14:20 long. Drop the one?

  • Glitter in an envelope is an old school type of prank. Its jsut an annoying mess. But its not a day ruiner like stepping in dog poop in your new air jordans.

  • Josh, did you ever figure out who sent the glitter letter?

  • I really wish you didn't say "aight"

  • the hemp wick falling off the table at 4:50

  • Check out my vidya, shameless self promotion, check. Love your videos Josh, waiting on that fire mixtape!, acknowledgement that I actually watched the video, check???

  • josh your gonna be in boston ? dude i live a few citys over i would love to meet you ! hope i get to , cheers josh !

  • thanks for the positive messages man.. really need to hear it sometimes and you always know how to rock the loving stoner vibe 🙂 keep on keeping on!

  • whoever sent the glitter, you're a god.

  • josh acknowledges meme art is art finally??

  • its knives not knifes

  • 777th like, does that mean triple josh luck???
    hahaha but great video! Keep up the amazing content Josh! I have some awesome things to send you for a strain mail :)