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STRAIN MAIL! – (Episode 10)



Thank you all SO much for sending in your amazing art & goodies! These are incredibly fun to film & seeing the art you guys create NEVER fails to blow me completely away!!!

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→ ThickAssGlass: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off all orders!
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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • I really hope this dosent turn into bad unboxing like idubbbz

  • omg, 7:23 for a goat/sheep "howling". hope whoever clicks this is high cus you are gonna crack laughing hard!

    Glad you like the pin mate, gonna keep sending you random shit
    You know it's me by the purple package ;)

  • you might like Tiffany Blue, named for the jewelry company.

  • everytime i've used one of those usb lighters they always make me feel tingly, could be the electricity coming off of it lol

  • its pronounced skuh nee vus

  • Just for your comment, someone's going to get you a bulk case of paper towels from Costco or something. I just know it.

  • Im from norway :):):):)

  • GainCentral HYPE!

  • dude, that painting needs to be your profile picture!

  • Anybody notice the radicals shirt weed leaf has 9 leaves

  • Morristown dude, I'm from hopatcong, cheers

  • maybe that shotglas is used as a q-tip jar?

  • He was heavily medicated! Haha i love his vids

  • got super creamy at 8:00

  • do a video on why u like pineapple so munch

  • I lost all respect when u said u were playing Pokemon.. how old are we, Josh? lol..
    I think your entire house will become a pineapple by the end of the year. Bet, lol.

  • puts his hand over a wind proof lighter.. ????

  • Stay bless josh good vibes

  • plasma=ozone gas, ozone gas=cancer