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After 3 takes, I finally was able to record one of these Stop, Drop & glob challenges.. Dabbed well over a half gram of wax, but I guess that was my reward for getting the new set all in order!! 😛

Dabbed on some @firebros206 Ewok nug run sugar wax in this video!

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  • Cheers on the strain choice! #Ewok

  • Laflame shirt my dude?

  • shirt link plesss

  • that shirt is sick as fuck!

  • Subbed to everyone you shouted out, love your style, your content and your attitude on camera. You nail it man, everything I'd like to be in a Youtuber, down to earth, not obnoxious, funny, real, and genuinely loves the herb and the community. Fuck yeah, Josh.

  • Will you be attending Hempfest this year?!?! 

  • Hey Josh, where did you get that shirt? I love the death out of that thing and I wanna get my hands on something like that. Cheers mate!

  • Hey you should keep doing things this is a good idea to do hope to get up there soon :D

  • Instahigh is what that looked like,lol. Cheers bro!

  • Some amazing channels for sure. Every one of them have some good vids to watch and smoke with. Cheers josh. Stay up bro

  • Cheers bro, this was awesome!

  • Badass video man! I made a couple videos with a buddy I know they aren't very professional, but we will be upping out quality soon! You should check em out haha!

  • Minor tip: If you position the camera perpendicularly to the wall and table so everything is symmetrical, that would definitely give it a more studio type feel, along with moving everything over slightly so the light switch and door frame isn't in the shot. I'm sure you're probably tweaking the new set up anyway but thought I'd point that out. Keep it up!

  • Well I glob today man I a lil late man cheers central 

  • This new set up is looking nice.

  • Digging the new setup and camera looks great brutha!! Ch ch ch ch cheers!!! I recently did a Darth Maul dab and put it up on Instagram tagged you in it too lol (not a big YouTube but getting back into it now that I got my studio back up, I do music) but anyway love your channel brutha!! Keep the positive vibes going!! Peace!
    -Little Chris 

  • Or there was some left over already but there is definitely some in there