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I nominated:
*mario juana* – (

*FrostyTheBudMan420* – (

*707killaBHO* – (

*NVclosetmedgrower* – (

This was a pretty fun challenge to do!! Had me feeling grrrrrrreat!

I totally forgot to update on the giveaway so here is what is going on – (


  • throwback

  • 2:08 did anyone else see him drool into the bong? Look at the lips and the top of the bong. But hey I ain't judging cause that's the most manliest drool i've ever seen!!!

  • Wow 8 months ago? I just started seeing this on YouTube. Confused. Well, I guess it's back. I think you should nominate Joelie and Haley. And what the hell, Doug Benson too.

  • when will your name be josh?

  • lmao SURPRISE!

  • Lets see the ice bong challenge lol

  • Lol, shit. I didn't even see this vid till a month late. Lol. Sorry bro

  • cheers

  • Smoke a bowl for me weed nerd

  • Hell yeah!! Will upload later when off!! Not sure how much I got left but I'll dab it?

  • thanks for the vid and hope you stay safe and stay medicated 

  • Do some flowers

  • Nice

  • For the amount of uploads in a week subs are good but the more vids the more people catches on good shit man 

  • Some blunt videos

  • Love the vids man. Stay stoney