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“STONERS TRY SNACKS” – (Pumpkin Spice & Cookie Butter Oreos)


So Kristen & I decided to sit down, get suuuuuuper high, and try some snacks on camera! (Instead of just doing so on our couch) šŸ˜›

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  • His pendants are hella cool where does h get the

  • Like a fake pumpkin mystery mix spice or sugary crap?

  • Yeah man…. Fuck Oreos. There are much more quality cookies out there on the shelves to enjoy.

  • Never thought Iā€™d hear Rhett and links on this channel šŸ˜‚

  • Fucked up how you'd have a merch site but it's nothing. Wonder how much you're making off people thru a site that you buy things but nothing happens after that. Learn to run a business before starting a shop! Refund!!! Don't want the hemp holder anymore.

  • Kristen smokes right? Loved the video btw, keep them up Josh šŸ™‚

  • Josh is a real dood with that dunk technique, he knows it needs to soak in

  • Josh, you need to play a song during the chewing of the food like when you are smoking!šŸ˜‚

  • Ice cream sandwichin along

  • SPL cookie carb cap!! Lol

  • Trader Joes: Where we get high before work and talk about granola

  • Josh was uploading too many videos with SilencedHippy so he had to do vids wit his girlfriend to compensate

  • I usually hate when people joins the videos, but i mess wit her Josh!!!! More!!!

  • THERES NO DUNKAROOS IN THE US??? that's so sad I'll send you guys some from canada!

  • is this an add for oreos?


  • Good mythical morning!

  • "we all get stoned before work then talk about granola things" LMAO

  • Try the apple pie Oreos. They are pretty good

  • Mint Oreo's r the best!