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Thought i’d try something out different & bust out the “stoner legos” to take a crazy rip!
2 pretty decent sized bowls of some Black Cherry Soda to start the afternoon off the right way!!! 😛

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  • Why not be stoned and play with Lego?

  • 0:20 but you can do that lmao

  • 1:19 its all about those POSITIVE VIBES leafy anyone

  • Yes your name WOULD be josh.
    Thank bro love your channel. :)

  • if you put 90% rubbing alcohol and some sea salt with a tab bit of regular table salt inside the piece and shake it the salt has a scrubbing effect and it takes me 2 to 3 minutes to completely clean my pieces back to new

  • My son searched for legos and some weird way ended up in this. LoL

  • i look for that weak cough every video

  • dood you look like an attack on titan, titan. sick dood yah!

  • use grunge off its a glass cleaner I use put it in the glass and leave it to soak for 1hr and then put the grunge off back in its container then rinse the glass

  • 2001 like.

  • Dude I absolutely love your videos!!! It kinda sucks that I can't smoke right now, but I got a green card coming hopefully soon so I can finally smoke along with you!! I love the upbeat and good vibes that come from your videos, they're keeping me going till I can medicate again. Stay blazed man

  • Orange tko is the best bong cleaner out there. I'll use it over iso any day

  • Soak it in rubbing alcohol as high as % you can get and let it sit over night rinse of and your good to go

  • ha-ha almosssst every video he fumbles his words or a word, could just edit it. I like the videos but its like…. fuckin ay man ha-ha frustrating your viewer but we all tokin so its all good haha

  • holy fuck i'm stoned boiiiiiiiz

  • hey, have you thought about untrasonc cleaning baths? i use it for metals but i think it works for glass too

  • Can you not put all your glass in a dishwasher?

  • you should go over steam rollers Josh I love to use them and there amazing

  • u should do 1 blow 1 dab

  • and now its dirty again ! ={