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St. Andrews Green Strain Review – Los Angeles Take a close look at Moon Rocks as Gil visits St. Andrews Green, a totally unique Los Angeles Dispensary and Hash Bar. This is a Strain Review that you don’t want to miss!


  • drink yo milk bitch, Gil put you to shame lol

  • dam shes a bad one

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  • she got a dope ass job…

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  • She is such an airhead, wow.

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  • I'm coming from NY to smoke with you!

  • She gets an A for ability to repeat what she's been instructed to repeat. You know damn well she has no clue! She gets a F for personality, an F- for looks, and F—- for those awful hair extensions. Good GOD!

  • That chick is NOT cute lol

  • Gil quit talking out of the side of your mouth LOL I have a buddy that does that. HILARIOUS! Love weedmaps keep up the outstanding work!

  • Is weed legal in Los Angeles now?

  • Dayum she's a cutie wouldn't mind smokin with her at all !!

  • She offered absolutely no input whatsoever. Terrible. Thanks for the video though Gil, for going out there anyway. You couldn't really get a convo going with her anyway, air head.

  • people who talk shit on youtube are gayyyy got nothing better too do but just talk shit and cry about shit…….. fucken fagsssss

  • moon rocks looks llik sum iso, could b purged better tho

  • awww this girl is jus shy n high lol thts sweet so stop hatin i kno all yall wudnt miss a chance to tap that azz shes fucn gorgeous

  • Shes hot,but shes being the akward high camera shy,man here in Long beach ca we got 93% extract(ear wax)