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One of my favorite morning rituals is using THC honey and CBD isolates/tinctures to make my morning coffee a little bit more fun 😛

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  • can you do a review of the ghost mv1 vaporizer? Maybe compare it to the firefly 2?

  • It's great seeing that weed channels are able to make money someway

  • People ask me about taking big dabs I say the same thing you just gotta do it theres no other way gotta get your tolerance up

  • I find that Hash Oil and Coffee is bitter af, Tea's much better (especially Earl Grey and Cheese strains) with a sweet taste.

  • dude I got so fucked up on new years eve. some WIND, some Emdemay and alcohol and dabs….Literally fucked up until 10pm the next following day. I was torn the fuck up. holy shyte

  • What happenes to your latest vid?

  • Doesn't coffee aggravate your digestion issues? It really makes my stomach worse which is shit because I love coffee 🙁

  • The cbd is the paint and your coffee is the canvas. Nioce

  • Morning to you josh, great video to start my day off with.. keep up the great work, cheers 🔥💨💨💨

  • Cheers from Long Island got my salad goin white Tahoe cookies flower with some skywalker og 4* bubble mixed in and dabbing (just 2) grape valley kush sugar wax… Ripped..

  • What are those glowing balls on your wall

  • Literally the best way to get over a cold is with Strain Central, a couple grams of Pineapple Express, and Cypress Hill playing in the background. 🙂

  • Haha pinche promotions

  • why are people complaining? i was entertained

  • triggered by the way you say coffee

  • One of my favorite things about your channel is that you turn down your audio when your coughing

  • send me dabs please

  • Usualy, when you put an empty cup in a microwave it shloudn't get hot.

  • CBD is now a schedule 1 drug, its been removed from all our stores 🙁

  • BY

    Ur body will rely on the melatonin and the caffeine will keep you up and is very addictive